Hockey For Bandwagoners

Do you want to pretend to know hockey? Can you name the amount of players you know with your fingers? Do you cheer for one team cause everyone else? Well this is for you! After this, you’ll be able to convince anyone you’re a hockey fan!

1. Know at least 3 players and a top prospect. When these players are brought up, you’ll be able to say, “oh I saw him stack his pads last night! That was pretty cool!” Even the best hockey fans will have to believe you!

2. Don’t flip flop on teams. One of the worst things to do. Often, bandwagoners will join teams doing well that year. But if you want to be a hockey fan, choose one! Even if they aren’t doing well, it looks dedicated! Unless you’re a Jackets fan, don’t be a Jackets fan. They suck. Kidding guys. We love you Jackets fans.

3. Admit you’re a new fan! Tell your friends that you like hockey but you don’t have a team to cheer for! They’ll introduce you to a plethora of teams and you’ll find one! Don’t worry! You’ll fall in love with one!

4. Use hockey lingo! Words like celly, stacking the pads, and undressing the goalie make even the most casual fans look like a brain trust of hockey knowledge!

5. Know who Wayne Gretzky and Bobby Orr is. I’m not going to explain this one. It’s self explanatory.

Once you’ve mastered these things, you won’t look like a Bandwagoner anymore and you’ll look smart in front of your friends!

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3 thoughts on “Hockey For Bandwagoners

  1. How dare u make fun of jackets fans. Although they suck they have a passion for watching them play. Although they might not know the top players they might still love them. is that bandwagoning?

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