Bruins trade Tim Thomas to the New York Islanders

Late afternoon today the Boston Bruins and the New York Islanders have confirmed that goaltender Tim Thomas is now the property of the Isles.

Thomas, 38, who led Boston to a first Stanley Cup in 39 years with a stellar performance during the 2010 NHL playoffs, has been traded for a conditional 2nd round pick in 2014 or 2015 to the Bruins. The Bruins will get this draft pick only if Thomas plays for the Islanders or any team they may decide to trade his rights to. Thomas has not played yet this season.The Bruins were not paying him as he was suspended. The Isles won’t have to pay him either if Thomas stays at home.

The transaction is definitely cap-related. The Bruins clear cap space the equivalent of Thomas’ 4-year 20M$ contract and the Islanders needed to be over the floor by tomorrow as they needed to get insurance against not being cap compliant the entire season.

In case you are wondering the Bruins did not need to get the OK from Thomas to be traded as his no-trade clause was no longer in effect since the end of last season.

Pierre Lebrun from TSN has already reported that the goaltender has no intention of coming back to the game this season. If that is the case the Islanders will either let the contract expire and that will be the end of it or ”toll” it for next year, meaning that the Isles would defer the contract instead of letting it expire.

The experts seem to agree that this is a good transaction for both teams.



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