Dear readers and hockey fans!

It was high time I decided to start writing about hockey and I am happy to be part of the team of writers for your Not Your Average Hockey Blog.

This is my first post as introduction for now while I am working on an article about the Flyers and my thoughts on their poor start.

I intend to write about subjects such as top junior prospects, draft rankings, NHL Drafts, situation with NHL teams, particular stats or just another one of those issues happening in the  NHL. I comment about facts not on ”what if”s. I also don’t denigrate any player or team.

I was born In Quebec and still live here. I am following mainly the NHL, Canadian junior hockey and prospects playing oversea. My passion is to watch a kid make it through the junior ranks, being drafted and watch his first couple of years in the NHL to see how he develops. I am a Flyers fan for as long as I remember but I follow all the other 29 teams. I see, read and hear everything that concerns the Montreal Canadiens because I live in Habsland so expect an article or two from moi on the bleu blanc rouge.

Enough for now. Enjoy the game and I will  be back soon. Hopefully by then the title of my article about the Flyers could be more positive.

You can follow me on Twitter @gillistheone for comments on hockey and life in general. I follow back.

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