Interview with Chucky Slick!

1339122230_imageHave you ever seen this video before?
If you have, you know who Chucky Slick is. If not, let me introduce you to him. Chucky is a hockey player currently playing in the North American Hockey League. You might ask me, why do I care? He’s just another hockey player. That’s where you’re wrong. Not only does he play hockey, he raps. Yes sir. He raps. We had the pleasure of interviewing him. This was an interesting interview I must say. You can follow him on Twitter: @ChuckySlick . You can follow me on Twitter: @SkipThisChapter and @HkyBlogger. Like us on Facebook here:

Like usual we are bold.
Note: we had to change some of the expletives because after all this is an “all-ages” blog.

First off, how has your day been?
My day has been crazy like usual. Had practice early this morning then spent all day getting registered for classes and trying to sell a stray kitten I found on Craigslist.

Many of our readers might not know who Chucky Slick is. Can you introduce yourself to our readers?
My name is Chuck and I’m a white boy from San Diego who enjoys cookies.

Many people (including me) would like to know. What’s Chucky Slick’s real name?
Sir Rutherford Barnahlaveau III

What’s a typical day in the life of Chucky Slick?

I wake up around 7:30 AM then head to practice, go out to lunch, go to the gym and do some curls before hitting the hot tub, head home and chill with the roomies then finish the day working on anything music or business related.

Most people know you because of your rapping skills. It also says Chiddy Bang inspired you. But I must ask. Why rap?

I rap because its an alternative way to express yourself or vent…and its extremely fun to do. Haha well I think it is.

Do you only rap, or do you also play instruments or make beats?
I can play Yankee doodle on the piano

What’s on your iPod right now?
Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Tupac, Kendrick Lamar, Machine Gun Kelly, J Cole, Dizzy Wright, Will Smith, Nas, Eminem, Dead Prez, Nipsey Hussle, Too Short, Andre Nickatina

In “Living The Dream” you say Junior Hockey is a lifestyle, can you elaborate on that?
Its different then the Average Joe life you leave home at a young age to a new state and new team. You sacrifice a lot to be where your at…you become family with the 23 guys you once called strangers, your with those guys day in day out living the dream travelling all over the map to play a game you love and you got fans and kids looking up to you and wanting autographs and pictures its crazy man! Then its all over and you return home with fake teeth, a face full of scars, and memories that last a lifetime.

If you had to choose between hockey or rapping, which one would you choose and why?
Hockey because I truly have a deep passion for the sport man it runs in my f***ing blood you know…I love rapping too but its more of a hobby.

Every hockey team does pranks, and I don’t think yours is much different. Best prank you’ve ever done or seen?
Holy f***…so many… We once picked up a new European kid from the airport and when he went to put his hockey bag in the trunk, one of my buddies was naked in there with duct tape around his mouth and hands tied behind his back. Haha the kid was terrified.

In the off-season, besides rapping, how do you spend your time?
Hanging out in beautiful San Diego with friends and family, going to the beach, working out, playing hockey you know.

What has been the high point of your career?
Probably getting rookie of the year in 2010.

What has been the lowest point of your career?
-Not being able to grow my moustache as thick as I would have liked for no shave November.

How did you persevere from that?
Oh you know, it was pretty emotional i’d rather not go down that road if you dont mind.

Any advice for aspiring hockey players?
Keep your head down and eyes closed when skating through the middle…Just kidding, dont do that…Live the dream while you can boys.

Anybody you recommend me to interview?
Babe ruth or Michael Economos would both be solid picks. (@OldManEco)

Ending off on a different note, if you could go anywhere on vacation, where would you go?
Alaska man… Its f***ing beautiful up there. Hockey player paradise.

Thank you for your time. It’s greatly appreciated.
No, thank you sir!!!!

7 thoughts on “Interview with Chucky Slick!

  1. answered every question exactly like I would! thats freaky! except for the kid in the car naked… Such a fan! You’re my idol! You’ll go so far, do it big! You’re a beaut, #gemlife xoxo

  2. Chucky you have inspired me so much! I played on a crappy team this year but worked me ass off and finally got signed to junior A! Ur music really helped me through everything and now I’m living the dream!

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