Hockey Breaker Joins the Team

Hello readers, I’m an anonymous hockey insider. This is my first blog post ever, some of you may know me from twitter (@Hockey_Breaker), I keep fans up to date with the latest hockey news, which includes signings, trades, and general talk. I will not reveal my identity.. yet, but I want to let you guys know me a little bit  better. I have been playing hockey my whole life, it’s my favorite sport and I just love everything about it. Though, I was not very successful in becoming what was always my dream.. an NHL player, I think I still succeeded in life. I’m currently employed by a hockey team, NHL? AHL? CHL? Who knows, as I said, I’m not revealing who I am. I watch hockey daily, and I’m assigned to visit many different areas in order to do so, which makes my life very interesting. I look forward to posting here, as the popularity of our blog increases.

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