Breaking News: Multiple outlets are reporting that the Toronto Maple Leafs have fired GM Brian Burke. Not much is known right now. We will give you the news as we receive it.

12:49 – Press Release / News Conference at 1:45PM.
12:51 David Pagnotta of The Fourth Period is reporting that Burke’s contract wasn’t going to be extended past this June anyways.
1:14 John Shannon of Sportsnet is reporting that the decision was made by the Board.
1:14 Just a personal thought, I doubt many reporters will ask the tough questions because at the end of the day, the guys who own the Leafs also own the TV stations.
1:26 TSN’s Bob McKenzie is now reporting that Dave Nonis is the next GM. Not much suprise here. However, he doesn’t know if its permanent or interm. I believe he will be a permanent GM. Just a personal opinion. It’s too close to the start of the season to be looking for a new GM.
1:42 Dave Nonis. GM. Permanent.
2:45 Sorry for the late post, but it seems like Burke will stay on as a Senior Advisor role.

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