Interview With Brian Ferlin!

Brian+Ferlin+2011+NHL+Entry+Draft+Portraits+ehuiKCjY_gAlWe would like to present you with our Christmas present, our interview with Brian Ferlin. I had asked him a while ago, and he got back to me this morning. This is sort of like a Christmas present to me because I’ve been dying to do an interview with a drafted player. He was drafted in 2011 by the Boston Bruins in the 4th Round (121st overall). He’s currently playing for Cornell Big Red of the ECAC. He was named the ECAC Hockey rookie of the year in 2012. If you would like to know more about him, follow him on Twitter @BaFerlin17 ! You can follow me @hkyblogger and @SkipThisChapter. You can also like the blog here:

So like usual, we are in bold.

So first off, how was your day today?
My day was good! just back home in Jacksonville enjoying the warm weather.

A little bit about yourself, introduce yourself. What are you studying at Cornell?
My name is Brian Ferlin. Born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida and i’m 20 years old. I am majoring in Communications and minoring in Business at Cornell.

What was the difference between growing up playing hockey in Florida and playing somewhere else?
It takes a lot of dedication for all the travel involved, all the best guys play on one team and practice for a few hours on non-game weekends (I drove 5 hours each weekend for 3 years to Ft Myers to play AAA in peewee and bantam) and flying to almost every tournament in order to get good competition. You also can walk outside in January in shorts and a t-shirt haha.

In the off-season, how do you spend your time?
I spent time back home in Florida, I train a lot mainly off ice and skate a little bit too. Also, I go to the beach a lot and enjoy spending time with my family.

So you’ve played for the Indiana Ice in the USHL and for Cornell in the ECAC. What’s that like and what’s the difference?
Indiana was awesome, Indianapolis is a great city and a place I met many friends through The Ice and going to Cathedral High School there for 2 years. Hockey wise, it was unbelievable in terms of my development especially in my first year playing under Jeff Blashill, I think he helped me so much which allowed me to come out my second year and have a good season. Cornell is also great, as a school it is challenging but well worth it, hockey wise it is one of the most fun atmospheres to play in front of in the country at Lynah Rink. I have some great teammates and we have been fortunate to have a good team each of my first 2 years so far which is nice as well.

Take us back to 2011 NHL Draft. What was that like? How did it all go down?
The draft experience was pretty cool, its neat to meet with some of the teams and see all the behind the scenes stuff and work each team puts in to get to know the prospects. I went to Minneapolis that year with my family and that was amazing. To hear my name called was definitely one of the most memorable days of my life, especially by the Bruins who had just won the Stanley Cup, that was pretty special.

During the season, what do you miss most about being home?
Definitely my family and home cooked meals. Im not the best cook like my mom is and dining hall food isn’t quite the same either…

You represented Team USA at the 2009 Ivan Hlinka tournament. What was that like, and did you learn anything during the tourney?
That was really the first time I ever played at a really high level. The season before that summer I was playing Jr. B for a team in Jacksonville called The Ice Dogs. When I made that team I was extremely excited but nervous at the same time since I hadn’t played at such a high level like that before. I realized how fast the game is at higher levels and how quick I had to make decisions, which helped me a a lot going into the USHL season.

What has been your highest point in playing hockey, and what has been your lowest point?
My highest point was probably getting drafted by Boston and that whole experience. My lowest point was probably getting cut from World Juniors last year because I wanted to make it so badly.

How did you persevere from that lowpoint?
I just had to stay mentally tough and not let it get me down, I used it as fuel to come back strong with Cornell and have a big second half.

Every hockey team does pranks. I don’t think Cornell’s much different… What’s the best prank you’ve done or have seen?
I always enjoy when guys cut other guys skate laces so when they pull them through the laces come out. Nothing worse than being in a hurry to get on the ice for practice and having to change your laces.

Do you have any advice for aspiring hockey players?
Dont let anyone tell you what you can and cannot do. Work hard, have fun and good things will happen.

Do you have any hockey players who are on twitter you suggest for me to interview?
Greg Miller (@Gmillsy16), Andy Iles (@A_Iles33)

Thank you for your time, and have a great day!

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