Interview With Mac Faulkner!

We are proud to present you an interview we conducted with Mac Faulkner of the Cardiff Devils (EIHL). Before he played for Cardiff, he’s played for Clarkson University (ECAC), Binghamton (AHL), Long Beach (ECHL), Columbia (ECHL), Toronto (AHL), Reading (ECHL), Norfolk (AHL), Cincinnati (ECHL), HC Alleghe (Serie A1), Ritten (Serie A1). Just a note for us, follow him on Twitter @FaulksNation he’s the nicest guy ever! Also follow us on Twitter @HkyBlogger and like us on Facebook here:

Not Your Average Hockey Blog’s questions are in bold.

Mac Faulkner’s reply are in normal font.

So thanks a lot for the interview, I really appreciate it. So here are the questions:

So first off, how are you today?
Great, had practice then class, full day.
You played in Clarkson University and turned pro. So what was the difference between playing ECAC hockey and AHL hockey?
College and pro hockey is very different.  Pro you play 75+ games as compared to College where you play 35.  The pyramid narrows and it becomes faster and faster.  The NCAA was a great four years, and the last 8 playing pro have been a privilege.
You also played in Italy where you absolutely dominated that league. What was that like?
Italy was a phenomenal experience.  The hockey was good, man imports and the Italians can skate well.  As well, playing there for 3 years I made some friendships that will last a lifetime.
In your entire hockey career, what was the biggest highlight and your lowest point while playing hockey? 
The biggest highlight would be my first college game and first pro game.  You never forgot those games.  As well, another highlight is playing with long time friends.  To play with Blighter and Marshy is something I’m very grateful for.
Its tough to say a lowpoint, in that we are lucky to be getting paid to play hockey. Sometimes when the breaks don’t go your way or injuries happen, you feel low, but things turn around when your keep at it and stay positive.
How did you persevere from that?
As mentioned before, positivity and work ethic will always prevail.
You play with Paul Bissonnette AKA BizNasty in Cardiff for the time being. What is that like?
Paul is a great player.  Some people don’t realise that he was an ECHL all-star and great player in the AHL.  He may fight in the NHL but he is there for a reason: he play play hockey at an extremely high level, bottom line. As well, a very good team mate.  Its great for our young guys to see how he carries himself in the dressing room day to day.
You’re from King City I see, so what do you miss about playing in Canada?
Family.  I love playing overseas but missing time with family always weighs on you to a certain extent.
Do you have any advice for aspiring hockey players?
Have fun.  To get to any high level at anything in life you have to be enjoying what you do.  Be a good team mate, work hard and enjoy the game.  The rest will take care of itself.
Thank you for your time.


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