Meet Our Inaugural Team!

Here’s our first team!. This list isn’t a 100% confirmed because there’s a few more writers I’m confirming to join the team. Follow us on twitter too! So without further to do, here’s our first team,

Alson Lee @SkipThisChapter @FutureInsider – Overseeing overall blog
Raval Alviarez – Senators Specialist
Mahbod Bahramian – Rangers Specialist
Ronnie Liu @ronnie905 – Overseeing promotion of blog
Christopher Brown @Chris_Kelowna – Canucks Specialist
Scott Irace @thefake_scott – Rangers Specialist
Musaib Hussaini @moosehussaini – Jets Specialist
Austin Quick @WayTooQuack10 – Blackhawks Specialist
Matt Sparx @Synyster_sparx – Canadiens Specialist

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About Us!

Hi! I’m @FutureInsider, the administrator of the blog. Over the season, our growing team of writers will be writing about a team of their choice. None of this will be the nice guy routine that seems forced in the mainstream media. What you’ll be seeing is what the fan feels, the fan sees. It’s going to be very raw emotion and passion based. What you’ll see is different from anything else, hence we are Not Your Average Hockey Blog. If you are interested in seeing the rise of a blog, make sure to bookmark us, promote us, or like us on Facebook here: . If you would like to join our team, just tweet @FutureInsider that you’d like to join our team and we’ll start from there!