Hurricane Sandy Reading

To our readers on the East coast getting slammed by Hurricane Sandy, here’s some nice reading and a few Youtube videos to keep you occupied. The NHL is supposed to be cancelling the Winter Classic on Thursday, but I do not believe that this will actually happen because the Winter Classic’s cancellation will anger a GREAT amount of people, and don’t forget, this is where they make boat loads of money. Like I said before, if you ask a casual American fan who watches hockey once a year when he or she watches hockey, it’s always the same answer: Winter Classic. NHL’s main goal right now is focused on American growth, which makes the annual Winter Classic that much more important.  Another point brought up by Sportsnet’s John Shannon on the Marek vs. Wyshynski podcast is that the only reason why the NHL had a Winter Classic was that NCAA football no longer had a bowl game on January 1st and asked the NHL to fill up a three hour timeslot. However, after next year, the NCAA wants its January 1st date back. So to tie it all back, if the NHL wants Americans to keep tuning into the Winter Classic, they have to make that day a spectacle. And you can’t make that day special if there’s nothing going on. Besides that, the NHL makes a boatload of money of the Winter Classic. Who doesn’t want the money?


Some nice Youtube videos to keep you interested,

Don’t worry, they’re NHL lockout related.

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