Introduction from a optimistic habs fan

Hey readers! I’m @Synyster_sparx aka Matt. I’ll be the guy complaining/whining/celebrating and cheering the Montreal Canadiens once the season is underway….thats right i said ”once the season is underway” i am very optimistic a deal can be reached by the NHL and the NHLPA. This way us fans can have something more interesting to talk about than collective bargaining! On the bright side its times like this where you can smile and realize your team is tied for first in the NHL and your favorite player is winning the scoring race. Soon we can all sit back and enjoy NHL hockey! I think all of us habs fans will be in for a treat this season but thats just my opinion. Remember you can follow me on twitter @Synyster_sparx id love to hear your critisism and positive feed back 😉 and dont forget to ”like” the facebook page as well and last but not least tell your freinds!

Talk to all of you soon!

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